Monday, December 23, 2013

Is 'collaborative policing' the next police buzzword?

The Wall Street Journal had a piece last week that looked at Bill Bratton's return to NYPD as their chief. The NYPD has touted historically low crime rates in recent years but their reputation has taken a real hit with the controversy over their "stop & frisk" program as well as allegations that their Intelligence Unit has been spying on mosques and Muslim businesses post 9/11.

In the story, Bratton speaks about what this 'collaborative policing' is.
The goal, according to Mr. Bratton's working document on collaborative policing, is to have officers and residents of the areas they serve identifying problems together and addressing people who bring crime into the neighborhoods. The aim is to bring "more sharing of information, better leads" and more trust between police and people, said Lis Smith, the de Blasio transition spokeswoman.
Via The Wall Street Journal 

Sounds a lot like community policing to me.

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