Thursday, November 14, 2013

Making some cities sustainable may require destruction and not construction

This piece over at The New York Times isn't directly crime related but it does look at issues some older cities are having with negative growth. The solution to this has been for many of these cities to raze vacant buildings, and in some places like Detroit, this has lead to thousands of vacant buildings being torn down.
Large-scale destruction is well known in Detroit, but it is also underway in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Buffalo and others at a total cost of more than $250 million. Officials are tearing down tens of thousands of vacant buildings, many habitable, as they seek to stimulate economic growth, reduce crime and blight, and increase environmental sustainability.
Via The New York Times

It almost seems antithetical for city planners to consider destruction as a means to build a healthy community for the future. But for these communities, it's likely the only way they have to keep their communities alive. 

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