Thursday, November 7, 2013

iPads in schools come with a downside; they're attractive to thieves

More and more schools are embracing technology like laptops and iPads in the classroom. These devices are helping to introduce children to the technology that they will need to succeed in our connected world. But these devices come with a downside. They are frequently targeted by thieves.
"Teachers and administrators are so excited about the tech that it's very easy to overlook the security implications until it's too late," said Ken Trump, a school safety expert in Cleveland who has consulted with campuses in every state. "It's not just an issue of protecting the devices in the school itself. It's also an issue, even more importantly, of protecting the children coming to and from school."

The piece is a good read. It's important that schools understand the vulnerabilities in having these CRAVED items on campus as well as in their students' backpacks. Schools should work with their local law enforcement agencies to protect the students carrying these devices home as well as the devices themselves. 

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