Thursday, November 7, 2013

If your loved one was murdered, would you want a visit by the Chief of Police?

"I'm Chief Wade Ingram. I'm the police chief. I want to say that I'm sorry about what happened to your son," the chief says.
Via NPR 

There was a story over at NPR that really touched me. The story looked at a practice by Gary, Indiana Police Chief Wade Ingram's practice of meeting with the families of all the city's murder victims. Given Gary's murder rate, this practice has likely kept the Chief quite busy.

In my years in law enforcement, I've seen that unfortunately, murder victims aren't always pillars of the community. Engaging in criminal behavior such as prostitution, drug dealing, gangs or robbery often seem to increase your chances of becoming a murder victim. In spite of this fact, these victims leave families behind.

The story quotes Chief Ingram with this:
"It's not a strategy. It's just something that I humanly do," he says. "Even though I'm the police chief, I am part of the community and what I see is, I see a family ... that's in grief. They have questions."
What a humane gesture. The critics be damned.

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