Monday, November 18, 2013

If your citizens are hiring private security to patrol their neighborhoods is this a bad sign?

There was a story at NPR last week that kind of left me scratching my head. The piece looked at a number of Oakland, California neighborhoods where citizens have decided to hire security guards to patrol their neighborhoods.
More than 600 households pay $20 a month for unarmed patrols in clearly marked cars to run 12 hours a day, Monday through Saturday. 
Lower Rockridge is just one of several Oakland neighborhoods where residents have either hired private security patrols or are actively debating taking that step. In some neighborhoods, the patrols are armed.

My concern with an effort like this is that if residents are feeling so unsafe in their own neighborhoods that they are willing to pool their resources and pony up money to hire these patrols it's probably a sign that the police department is failing in it's job to make the community safer.

Maybe this should be a wake up call for their police department.

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