Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oil patch boomtowns create a police service calls boom as well

There was an interesting piece at The Atlantic Cities last week that looked at the problems that the boomtowns associated with domestic oil exploration are causing for law enforcement in once small towns.
The issues officers shared with Archbold ranged from a dramatic increase in alcohol-related violence ("Ninety percent of the problems we deal with involve alcohol," one officer said), to an inability to balance emergency calls with proactive community policing ("I used to know people. I used to know their vehicles. I no longer know people or their vehicles," said another officer.) Here are some of the biggest problems police shared with Archbold. 
Via The Atlantic Cities

These agencies are having the opposite problem that rust belt cities like Detroit have.  Cops in rust belt cities are struggling because the population (and tax base) has moved away leaving no money for resources. In the towns around the Bakken oil fields, the increased work has outstripped their resources.

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