Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just how common is theft from elderly persons' trust funds?

There was an outstanding story over at USA Today that looked at nursing home staff who have embezzled trust fund monies from elderly residents.
These trust funds, which most long-term care providers are required to maintain for residents who request that the facility handle their money, are supposed to work like conventional bank accounts, with accrued interest, regular statements and reliable oversight. But USA TODAY found more than 1,500 recent cases in which nursing homes have been cited by state and federal regulators for mishandling the funds.
Via USA Today

The story is worth the read as they cover a number of scenarios on how the thefts were perpetrated and how these thefts were uncovered.

It also highlights the fact that these types of thefts likely require forensic accounting skills to investigate. If a case like this was reported to your agency, do you detectives have the skills to conduct an investigation like this, or do you know where to get the assistance you need?

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