Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cargo thefts becoming a big problem for trucking industry

There was a great piece last week in the San Francisco Chronicle's SFGate.com that examined the problem of cargo thefts.
The most common crime is still the "straight theft" of trailers left unattended in parking lots or at truck stops. But CargoNet says the new trucking scams are growing at a rapid 6 percent each quarter. Of the average three to five truckloads stolen each day in the United States, at least one involves what are known in the industry as fraudulent or fictitious pickups.
Via SFGate.com

These sophisticated cargo thieves are often times stealing loads worth $100K or more with one truck. I don't get to see these types of thefts where I work. We don't have any truck stops or major freight terminals in the sleepy little burg where I work. So this piece was worth a read.

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