Wednesday, July 24, 2013

When Downtown Gentrifies They Get A Whole New Set Of Problems

The Atlantic Cities had a story last week that looked at efforts to revitalize Greensboro, North Carolina. These efforts have created a whole new set of problems as groups of youths began to frequent the area. Recently some disorder problems developed and the city responded by invoking a youth curfew ordinance. 
"Everyone agrees that street fighting among thoughtless teens can't be tolerated. The question is, what’s the best strategy for keeping the peace? Is it to, in effect, tell young black people that they are automatically suspect? Or is it to continue to build a place where more people of all ages and races can come together?" Via The Atlantic Cities
The Center for Problem Oriented Policing has one of their excellent POP Guides that looks at different responses to The Problem of Disorderly Youth in Public Places. If you are dealing with the same kind of problem that Greensboro is, this guide would be worth reading.

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