Monday, July 29, 2013

The Crime Analyst’s Blog is moving!

For the past five years I’ve used Google’s Blogger service to host The Crime Analyst’s Blog. Five years is a long time where the Internet is concerned. One significant change that has taken place during this time is the rise of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. I’m an avid user of Twitter to promote posts here on the blog and to supplement the blog.

Google has made a number of improvements to its Google+ social media service. One major improvement is adding the ability to have a stand alone Google+ Page along with your personal Google+ profile. In fact, much of the functionality of a blog is available on a Google+ Page.

Most of my posts here on the blog consist of a link to a news article and a few comments about the article and how it applies to crime analysis. This style of blogging is perfect for Google+. For this reason, I am going to be moving The Crime Analyst’s Blog to it’s own Google+ Page.

I will leave the Blogger version up with all the previous posts but any new posts will take place on Google+. I’ll even been pointing the domain to resolve to the Google+ Page over the next week or so.

You don’t have to have a Google+ account to read a post on a Google+ Page but if you do, it is real easy to join the conversation by commenting or sharing. I’ll also continue to send links to these Google+ posts via Twitter.

This move will make it much easier for me to continue posting on crime analysis and related topics.

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