Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Houston Police Unit Provides Alternatives In Dealing With The Mentally Ill

It's no secret to those in law enforcement that we spend a significant amount of time and resources dealing with the mentally ill. There was a great story over at the Journal Sentinel Online that looked at an innovative program by Houston, Texas Police that reduced the amount of time HPD spent dealing with mentally ill "frequent flyers".

HPD created a Chronic Consumer Stabilization Unit that focuses on finding alternative ways to deal with the mentally ill rather than the traditional arrest / hospitalization / release / arrest again cycle.
After intense intervention by the two case managers, the same 30 individuals were reported to have been involuntarily committed by officers 39 times in the following six months — a decrease of 76.4%. They were involved in 65 police offense reports — a 66.5% decrease.

Via Journal Sentinel Online
 It's along article but worth the read. How does your agency handle the mentally ill?

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