Monday, April 15, 2013

POP Guide #4: The Problem of Drug Dealing in Privately Owned Apartment Complexes

In this week's look at the Problem Oriented Policing Center's excellent POP Guide series we're going to look at the fourth guidebook in the series The Problem of Drug Dealing in Privately Owned Apartment Complexes
To the public the idea of drug dealing at apartment complexes is sometimes thought of as an urban problem. However, regardless of whether your jurisdiction is in a large urban city, or a small town, you've probably at one time or another seen this problem crop up.

With illicit drug markets often come other, related criminal activity and blight. It's also surprising just how quickly this problem gets going. This POP Guide has this warning we need to pay attention to.
Because a drug market can become entrenched fairly quickly, budding drug markets should not be ignored. Early intervention makes good use of scarce police resources since entrenched drug markets are fertile ground for other criminal activity.
An unchecked drug market can become a crime generator that drags an entire neighborhood down with it. Inattention to an open air drug market at an apartment complex causes those law abiding residents to move away, creating a void that is often filled with less desirable tenants who further exacerbate the problems that allowed the initial problem to gain a foothold.

One of the major reasons that these open air drug markets start is due to lax or absentee owners and managers. They are also the key to removing the conditions that allow these problems to fester. Some of the most effective strategies are encourage, cajole or even coerce apartment management and owners to take an interest in ensuring their properties don't become a blight on the community.

This POP Guide has an extensive list of strategies that can be used to combat this problem as well as links to other helpful resources.

Don't forget, these POP Guides can be viewed on the Problem Oriented Policing Center website, downloaded for free in various formats, as a PDF or an Ebook or you can even order a bound paper copy.

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