Thursday, March 14, 2013

Crime, Like Life, Is Cyclical

There was a recent news story over at the Memphis news outlet WREG that had an interesting quote from Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong.
“It’s March and we do recognize that summer is around the corner and historically in summer months crime does go up,”

It’s really not unusual for crime or police calls for service to pick up based on weather cycles. If the weather is hospitable, people are not only more likely to be out and about, but they are also more likely to become victims or to commit a crime. In addition to the weather affecting police workload, times of the day will also affect police calls. When more people are awake, there will be more calls.

Since there are so many regular cycles, police agencies can use this to plan ahead. For instance, at the sleepy little burg where I work, we regularly plan for in-service training during the times that we historically have a lower volume of calls.

Have you identified the regular cycles that affect calls in your community? Are you using these cycles in planning at your agency?

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