Monday, March 18, 2013

Changes Here At The Blog

I've been writing The Crime Analyst's Blog since 2009. As of today, I'm up to 1362 posts. For the most part I have been posting five days a week that entire time.

Recently, the workflow I use to try and find interesting news stories to post suffered a little hiccup when Google announced that they would be shuttering the Google Reader RSS feed reader. This hiccup, coupled with a desire to make a change finally gave me the kick in the pants I needed to do something I have been thinking about for months, that is to reduce the number of posts from five per week to once a week.

By having more time during the week to research and then write the post, I hope to be able to provide more informative content. I hope that you'll bear with me and continue to visit, read and comment on my blog in spite of the change.

I do plan on sending out links to interesting law enforcement stories throughout the week on Twitter. If you're on Twitter you can follow me @scott_dickson

This Week's Crime Analyst Resource

This is a new section for me. In it I want to highlight some resources that I think are beneficial for crime analysts. In the next few months I want to look at the Problem Oriented Policing Center's POP Guides.

The POP Guides come in three flavors. Problem Specific guides that apply problem oriented policing principles in solving specific crime problems such Assaults In And Around Bars or Street Prostitution. Response Guides which summarize research about what does and doesn't work in general police responses to crime problems. The last type is Problem Solving Tool Guides which help you to understand how analytical techniques can help you understand crime problems.

These POP Guides can be viewed on the Problem Oriented Policing Center website, downloaded for free in various formats, as a PDF or an Ebook or you can even order a bound paper copy.

In next week's post I'll start walking us through the various POP Guides. I hope you'll continue to visit.


  1. Scott, whether its 1 day or 5 days, your content is always on the mark. Look forward to the content

  2. Scott, Thanks for the kind words.


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