Friday, March 15, 2013

Can Technology Lower Your Crime Numbers?

There was a story over at the Arizona news outlet where they quote Tempe, Arizona police as crediting technology as one of the reasons they've reduced crime in Tempe.

Technology removes much of the time-intensive paperwork that can hinder crime-trend identification and investigative work, and enables officers to be more proficient and efficient in investigating and solving crimes, police said. The technology also has allowed officers and crime analysts to share information quickly among officers, other agencies and the public.

The result, they say, has been a decrease in crime.


Not only is it important that a modern police agency has good technology, it's also even more important that an agency has people with the skills to leverage the technology they do have. This is where a crime analyst can help your agency.

A properly trained crime analyst has the skills to analyze the data contained in an agency's records management system, turn that data into information, and then communicate that information so that it becomes the knowledge an agency needs to make their community safer.

How does your agency leverage the technology it has to make the community you serve a safer place?

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