Friday, February 1, 2013

This Burglary Ring Had A Flash Of Brilliance

As a general rule, most burglars aren't real clever or even very creative. However, occasionally you run across a crook's modus operandi that demonstrates creativity and "outside the box" thinking. There was a story over at CNN that outlined one of these kinds of moments.
The scheme started when 51-year-old Duane Van Tuinen, an office machine repairman, was contracted by distributors of the Los Angeles Times to repair equipment, officials said.
Once inside the businesses, investigators said, Van Tuinen repeatedly stole lists of Los Angeles Times subscribers who asked their newspaper delivery be put on hold while they went on vacation. 
Van Tuinen passed the lists on to three others who carried out the burglaries, the sheriff's department said.
The crooks went on to steal over $1 million worth of property over a three year period. 

Of course, their brilliance must have run out because the story goes on to allow that the four men associated with this ring are now facing multiple burglary counts for their complicity in this scheme. 


  1. Hey Scott,

    Great articel, and you almost "have" to admire teh strategy if it were not for innocents being victiized by these crooks.

    Story re-enforces need for internal security measures no matter what the industry.

    Thanks again,

  2. Occasionally, you have to admire their ingenuity even if you condemn their actions.

  3. Only Occassionally!! Great chances for us to learrn though.


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