Thursday, February 7, 2013

Is Homelessness A Transportation Issue?

There was a great story this week over at The Atlantic Cities that looked at homelessness and how the homeless often congregate around transportation infrastructure such as highway rest stops, bridges, etc. Of course, this brings up thorny issues regarding who and how to deal with the homeless.
This means that public agencies better equipped to run trains or pave highways must often act as the first responders to homelessness. It’s a sad commentary on how we handle these populations – in a society that doesn't treat access to shelter as a right – that the task falls to the front-line employees of transportation agencies untrained to do anything like this.
Via The Atlantic Cities 

This also demonstrates the need for training public employees who you wouldn't ordinarily think deal with the homeless, on how best to handle these kinds of issues.

The Problem Oriented Policing Center has one of it's great POP Guides that covers dealing with Homeless Encampments. The guide can help you to analyze and evaluate this problem and develop an effective solution.

How has your agency handled homeless encampments? What worked for your agency?

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