Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Great Things Can Be Done With Public Data

There was a good article over at The Atlantic Cities that looked at what people have done with a large amount of crime data released by the Philadelphia Police Department. 
Not surprisingly, in the short time since the city released this trove, a number of developers have already repackaged it. Nearly every week, says Mark Headd, Philadelphia’s chief data officer, the city has stumbled across some new application of the material created by local residents. “It’s really interesting when you put valuable data out there, data that resonates with people – and this clearly does, and we make it really, really easy to use," Headd says. "It’s amazing what pops up."

Via The Atlantic Cities
Amazing indeed.


  1. Where have I been? Just seeing this about releasing data to the public and the amazing work created outside of city hall.
    It is interesting to see what is important from the public's perception, and the talent they possess for representing the civilian vision.

  2. Bright Blue, This is why I am a great believer in being as open with crime data as possible.

  3. Thanks Scott. I believe the departments and public are also getting to use these maps for free.


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