Friday, February 15, 2013

Bar Hopping Problems Can Leave Neighbors Hopping Mad

It's not unusual for people who live in neighborhoods near bars and nightclubs to get upset with the crime and disorder that these establishments sometimes bring to a community. There was a recent story over at the San Antonio news outlet WOAI that was pretty typical. 
Some neighbors living near a busy stretch of Broadway just south of Loop 410 are bar-hopping mad. 
They say police lights flash every weekend along the same two blocks that are home to several bars. 
News 4 ran the crime numbers on that area. In the past six months, police have been called to those two blocks more than 100 times. Forty of those calls were to one bar, Revolution Room. 
In the sleepy little burg where I work, we often field complaints from residents about problems in and around these establishments. Solving these problems often requires a well thought out approach from a number of angles.

The Problem Oriented Policing Center has an excellent POP Guide dealing with one type of problems that come with nightclubs in their guide Assaults in and Around Bars. If you're dealing with community concerns about this type of problem the POP Guide is worth the read.

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