Monday, January 14, 2013

Why The Disparity In Urban Gun Violence?

Many times we think of homicide in the United States as something that is more prevalent in large urban cities. But there are large cities that are safe and those that have population groups have a greater chance of being killed than a soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan. There was a piece over at The Atlantic Cities that looked at gun violence, both homicides and suicides, and had some very interesting statistics. The piece also draws this conclusion for the disparity:

...the cities where gun murder is lower are mainly highly educated knowledge-based economies which have experienced considerable urban revitalization as well as substantial immigration that together have "helped to stabilize and bring back disadvantaged neighborhoods and damp down violent crime."

On the flip side, the inner cities where homicide rates remain higher have seen "far less re-urbanization, have had far lower rates of immigration, and in many cases continue to suffer from the classic 'hole in the donut' syndrome."

Via The Atlantic Cities

Maybe this is the real conversation we need to be having about gun violence.

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