Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Texas Business Says Prisons Aren't Efficient At Solving Crime Problems

The Editorial Board over at the Austin American Statesman had a piece this past weekend that covered comments that the president of the Texas Association of Business made regarding the efficacy of incarceration in solving crime problems. 
While the daily cost of probation is $2.92 per person, only $1.40 of which comes from taxpayers’ dollars, it takes $50.79 per day for taxpayers to hold a single inmate in prison. That comes to a total of $18,000 per inmate, per year, with Texas currently housing over 150,000 prisoners,” the business association noted in its legislative platform. 
After analyzing the return on that $50.79 daily investment in incarceration, Hammond and his association pronounced the prison approach unproductive. “It doesn’t work,” Hammond said.
Via Austin American Statesman 
It's not like the Texas Association of Business is a bunch of bleeding heart liberals either. The realities of the new fiscal austerity is forcing government to think about how to most effectively use taxpayer dollars. If prison isn't a cost effective deterrent to crime, then let's figure out what is cost effective and do more of it.

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