Thursday, January 3, 2013

So Where Do Kids Get Their Opinions of Criminal Justice?

I guess it's going to be a week of posts about superheroes. Yesterday, I posted about a costumed neighborhood crime fighter in Michigan. Today we have a USA Today piece about a sociologist who studied how cartoons portray the criminal justice system. In the study the researcher found that cartoons portray criminals as beyond rehabilitation and the police as inept.

Cartoon heroes present crooked view of crime, study says: "'While they are cartoons and are designed to be entertaining, they are nonetheless a source that kids draw on to understand criminal events. For most kids, they may be the only exposure they have to crime and justice issues,' Kort-Butler says. 'As a parent myself (whose kids also watch these cartoons), I think it is important to, first, make sure I am available to answer questions or concerns they may have about criminal events, and, second, encourage them to think beyond what they may have seen on Batman or in the news.'"

(Via USA Today.)

I wonder what superhero story will make the blog tomorrow?

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