Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So How Does LAPD Implement Predictive Policing?

I've posted quite a bit about predictive policing. You can use the category cloud in the sidebar to see all of them. There was a story yesterday at NBC Los Angeles that looked at the Los Angeles Police Department's implementation of predictive policing. What I like about this story is it gives a few hints at just how LAPD uses predictive policing to direct it's operations such as this tidbit:
Typically, when officers go to a forecasted crime location, they are expected to spend 20 minutes, a significant amount of time for an area so small. It is time to walk a foot beat and talk to persons they encounter at businesses, homes or on the street.
This was one of the few stories out there that gives some specifics. Even if you didn't have a predictive policing program, regularly getting out of your patrol car and spending 20 minutes walking around a crime hotspot would likely pay dividends. The predictive policing program would just help you to sharpen your focus.

So where do you think the promise of predictive policing technology lies?

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