Thursday, January 10, 2013

In Case You Were Keeping Track Here's Another Reason Crime Went Down

There are so many competing explanations about why crime is down that I can't keep up with them all. So here's an explanation from LAPD's Chief Charlie Beck on why he thinks crime went down in Los Angeles as reported by KPCC, the fact that LAPD has more police officers now than they did in the past.
"Cities in California that have stopped hiring or are cutting back on their police force have seen crime spikes," Villagairosa said. L.A. — once the national murder capital — has some of the lowest violent crime rates in the country, compared to other population hubs (and the lowest among cities over 2 million), he said.
Asked whether keeping the status quo would guarantee a continued relatively low crime rate, Beck replied, "absent other influences," that's a likely outcome. "If you apply more resources to crime, you reduce it."
You can add this to all the other explanations such as concealed handguns, longer prison terms, more effective policing, the decline of crack cocaine and leaded gasoline.

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