Friday, December 28, 2012

Bill Bratton To Help Embattled Oakland Police

This ought to be good for Oakland. There was a story worth reading in the Oakland Tribune that said that former NYPD and LAPD Chief Bill Bratton has agreed to consult with Oakland officials to help turn around their troubled police department. 
Bratton has gained a reputation for turning around troubled departments by aggressively pursuing quality of life crimes and meticulously tracking crime data. 
He pioneered the CompStat crime tracking system that Oakland recently adopted. Bratton also has defended allowing police officers to "stop and frisk" suspects they believe were involved in a crime -- a tactic that has not been embraced in Oakland.
The story indicates that Bratton's job will be to review the city's crime tracking and to offer recommendations on how to build community trust in the department. I'm surprised that so many police departments need someone to tell them that community trust is critical to having an effective department. Without the support of the citizens you serve, no department will be effective at making the community safer.

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