Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Budget Motel Owner Fighting Forfeiture Over Criminal Activity

There was a story this weekend over at the San Francisco Chronicle that looked at efforts by the owner of a Boston area budget motel to fight a forfeiture action on his motel by law enforcement in that community.
The U.S. government has moved to take the Motel Caswell, a $57-per-night budget motel, under a law that allows for the forfeiture of properties connected to crimes. The government says the motel should be shut down because of drug dealing by some of its guests.
In many communities, poorly managed budget motels are hotbeds of criminal activity. Even in the sleepy little burg where I work we have motels that are notorious for the amount of crime being committed in and around them. These types of crime generators can really be a blight on a community.

Forfeiture actions are usually the end of very long efforts to moderate the negative effects these businesses have on a community. The Problem Oriented Policing Center has a great POP Guide that covers Problem Oriented Policing strategies to mitigate these problem businesses. You can read it online or download a copy  here.

Does your community struggle with crime in and around a budget motel? What has your agency found successful in combating these problems? 

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