Monday, October 15, 2012

Minnesota Burglars Targeted Homes Of The Dead

Photo: Timothy Valentine/Wikimedia Commons/CCbySA2.0
We've all heard the crime prevention advice about not advertising that you'll be on vacation by doing things like having your mail stopped, have a neighbor pick up your newspapers and the like and put your lights on a timer. That's all great advice but it probably wouldn't work with these two Minnesota burglars. According to the story over at The Pioneer Press TwinCities.Com these two enterprising burglars were using obituaries to target homes for break ins.
Contreras told police they've employed the same method on other occasions -- looking up obituaries and then using phone books or public property records to locate addresses. Contreras' girlfriend said he uses Google to see pictures of the outside of homes "to determine whether or not is it a suitable target," according to the criminal complaints.
I'm not sure how you go about making your house look lived in when you are no longer living.

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