Friday, October 19, 2012

Ever Wonder When The Police Blotter Got It's Start?

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Just in case you ever wondered about how "Police Blotter" reporting started, Texas Monthly had this bit in a piece on the Lufkin Daily News and their blotter
The modern American police blotter was born in 1833, when George W. Wisner, a pioneering New York crime reporter, began regaling readers of the Sun with pithy one-liners from the city’s 4 a.m. hearings. Almost 180 years later, Wisner’s droll sensibility lives on, nearly unchanged, in the blotter of the Lufkin Daily News, a wry account of the strange, sad, and surprising misdemeanors and felonies that afflict the city of 35,000 deep in the Piney Woods of East Texas.
Police work is a lot like crime reporting. There is the occasional lurid headlining story but most of it is boring, repetitious and often times weird.

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