Friday, October 5, 2012

Crime Analysis: Where Science And Policing Intersect

Last week there was a great quote by International Association of Crime Analysts President Susan Smith in the Palm Springs news outlet in a story about the use of crime analysis by police agencies in the Coachella Valley. Susan had this to say: 
Crime analysis has grown in the last two decades to become central to police departments across the nation, said Susan Smith, incoming president of the Kansas-based International Association of Crime Analysts.

“Researching and policing has become a science,” she added. “We can actually understand why one area is more problematic than another, and we can actually do something to fix it.”
The field of crime analysis has grown significantly in the 20+ years I have been in law enforcement. Police agencies are turning to crime analysts more and more as they seek to become more efficient at making their communities safer. Where once you only found crime analysts in large agencies, now even smaller departments are fielding crime analysis units.

If your agency is seeking to develop a crime analysis program, there are some great resources available through the International Association of Crime Analysts. One place to start would be the IACA Development Center website. Information on creating a mission statement, hiring an analyst, CALEA accreditation etc. can all be found there.

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