Monday, October 1, 2012

Bill Bratton on Successful Policing

Recently Former NYPD/LAPD Chief Bill Bratton spoke at a conference that looked at the crime problems facing Detroit. In the story over at The Detroit News there was this gem of a quote from him.

"Successful policing means dealing with major crimes, and little things that, if they aren't fixed, become big things," Bratton said.

I'm no expert on Detroit, but I bet that they let a bunch of little things become big things. This doesn't mean that their problems are insurmountable, but just that it's going to take some real effort to get a handle on it.

Bratton was also quoted as saying that for Detroit to turn their crime problems around there would have to be more trust between the police and the citizens they serve. Bratton has worked in cities where the police were once more likely to be seen as occupying armies than as partners in making a community safer.

In what ways is your department patterning with the community to make sure that the little things don't become big crime problems?

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