Tuesday, September 18, 2012

If You Legalize It, They Will Come

Los Angeles city officials are wrestling with the effects that come from California's medical marihuana laws. A story over at The Atlantic Cities had this bit along with a great map of all the dispensaries found in the city. 
California's tumultuous love affair with marijuana has hit soap opera proportions in Los Angeles. The city's business-minded "Care Providers" latched on to loosened drug laws in the state in recent years and have launched what seemed to many a citywide blanket of medical marijuana dispensaries. In some neighborhoods, such as Venice, locals could hardly walk more than a few blocks without passing one of these green-signed drug stores.
In response to the explosion of medical marihuana dispensaries, the LA city council decided to ban store front dispensaries from operating in the city. Of course none of this is helped by the fact that marihuana, medical or otherwise is of dubious legality. The federal government insists that it's not legal and even California officials have a mixed opinion on it.

Regardless, it seems that Angelinos are going to have to figure out how many is too many and how to best regulate it.

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