Thursday, July 5, 2012

Left, Right, Left Applies To Sneaker Thieves Too

We've talked about CRAVED items here before. CRAVED is an acronym that describes things that are often targeted by thieves. One item that often ends up on any CRAVED list is athletic shoes. There was a piece over at USA Today that looked at an interesting trend by sneaker thieves.

The newspaper reports that thieves have figured out which sneaker shops put left-foot shoes on display and which use right shoes, and hit them both to assemble a good pair.

"They go to Foot Locker, which has all right-sided shoes. Then they come here because we display left-sided shoes," Salissou Mohamam, 40, manager of Michael K., a SoHo sneaker store, tells the Post.

It's not unusual for thieves to adapt to theft prevention strategies. Any strategy needs to be constantly evaluated to make sure that thieves haven't figured a way around it.

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