Friday, July 13, 2012

Even Victims Of Minor Crimes Face Big Fears

After working so long in law enforcement, I sometimes wonder if we loose a little of our empathy for crime victims. It takes a story like this one over at The New York Times every now and then to remind me of why we chose the profession we did.

This good news was lost on Eric. He does not inflate what happened, and he knows that much worse things happen to people all the time, and that being relieved of cash and electronics is practically a rite of passage in some neighborhoods. But the psychological aftermath of the robbery had a deep impact.

“Mentally, everything was different,” he said. “I’d turn around to check my back every couple of steps. I went from knowing everybody to having a bull’s-eye on my back.”

He all but stopped walking outdoors alone. He said he would sleep late on purpose, so that his mother had to drive him to the subway. He missed the Explorers classes and church nights. Finally, a supervisor with the Explorers promised to drive him home from class.

Don't ever lose sight of the fact that for a victim, there are no minor crimes.

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