Thursday, July 26, 2012

Accurate Crime Stats Important To Build Trust In Police

Last week there was a story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission hiring an independent auditor to audit the Milwaukee Police Department's crime reporting system. This comes after a kerfuffle that uncovered quite a number of police reports of assaults that had been wrongly categorized as lesser assaults. The story also touched on the steps MPD was taking to correct the problems with their crime stats reporting. 

Inside the story was this great quote from Mike Tobin, the head of the commission:
"The issue has brought about a certain degree of community questioning about whether the Police Department is recording the statistics accurately," Tobin said. "One of our jobs is to promote community trust in the Police Department, and the only way we are going to help improve community trust is to assure our community members that the statistics are being reported correctly."
 I couldn't have said it better.


  1. Hi Scott, just curious does your department or perhaps others that you know provide statistics based on when the crime was reported or when it occurred?

    John Ng

  2. John, I believe it's based on when it was reported to the police. We report crime stats to UCR every month so it's pretty rare that a crime is reported in a month that's different from when it occurred.


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