Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wilmington Police Adopt DDACTS To Make Their Community Safer

The Wilmington, NC news outlet Star News Online had a piece on Wilmington Police's adoption of the Data Driven Approach To Crime and Traffic Safety or DDACTS. This approach is founded on the idea that high crime and high traffic accident areas often overlap and by conducting high visibility traffic enforcement in these areas you can drive crime down and improve traffic safety.

The model is based on the notion that crimes such as burglary and robbery are frequently committed using vehicles to travel to and fro, so the chances of intercepting someone en route to a crime or leaving one is greater when police stop more cars.

But it is also based on a documented statistical relationship between crime and crashes.

"There's a huge correlation," said Barry Coburn, the Wilmington Police Department's analyst. "So the benefit is you can work these areas very much like would a high accident area, using high visibility and high traffic enforcement to reduce both accidents and crime because they occur in the same locations."

This model is one of the many policing models that law enforcement agencies are adopting to make their communities safer by focusing their efforts where they will have the greatest effect.

Has your agency explored DDACTS? Was it effective in your community?

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