Thursday, June 28, 2012

Strip Malls Are Dangerous For Grandma

This is kind of weird. There was a story over at The Atlantic Cities that looked at a traffic safety study that found that strip malls and big box stores were dangerous for older drivers.

According to a new report [PDF] from the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University, the nearly ubiquitous giant-parking-lot-plus-giant-retail outlet is associated with higher risks of injurious and deadly traffic accidents among people 75 and older. Seventy-five is the age when older adults become substantially more likely than other age cohorts to experience injury or fatality as a result of a traffic accident, mainly because of their increasingly frail bodies, but also due to their waning hearing and eyesight.

Of course the dearth of public transport in suburban communities where strip malls and big box stores proliferate probably doesn't help matters. It's a lot harder to convince grandma to stop driving to these areas when there are no alternatives such as public transport.

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