Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Glass May Be Half Full, But A Crime Analyst Can Make It Last

Last week The Atlantic Cities had a rather depressing piece on budget woes facing municipal governments. While overall, the story paints a rather discouraging picture for cities for sometime to come, there was a bit I thought worth commenting on.
However, the report notes that some local governments have been able withstand the cuts in state aid and property tax revenue by investing in new technologies or forming partnerships that allow them to maintain levels of services at lower costs. 
"That’s one of the opportunities that can come out of this crisis, is to find ways to either use technology or to partner with counties or other local governments in the region to deliver services more efficiently," Zahradnik says.
One area that cities can become more efficient is smarter policing. A crime analyst function within a police department can help that agency get the most value for their precious budget dollars. Crime analysts can help an agency focus on enforcement efforts that are the most effective at reducing crime in the communities where they work.

Is your agency facing a lean budget? Are you using your crime analyst to make the most of your precious budget dollars?

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