Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happless Crook Tries To Rob Wilmer, TX Police Station

Normally I save the unusual crime stories for Friday. However, this one demonstrates such monumental chutzpah on the part of the crook that I couldn't pass it up. The Dallas Morning News Crime Blog had this piece on what has to be one of the weirdest crimes I've seen in a while. 
Apparently not for Keithan Kennard Manuel, who faces charges he attempted to rob the Wilmer Police Department Headquarters over the weekend, according to police documents.

Manuel, 18, walked into the city's police department offices in the 200 block of East Belt Line Road near Interstate 45 about 8 p.m. on Saturday with his hands covered by a white towel.

He walked up to the dispatch window and pointed a covered hand at a telecommunications operator, the documents said.

"Give me all of your money," Manuel told the startled operator.
 Needless to say, this robbery didn't end well for this guy.


  1. Sometimes it is the same "stuff," different day, but then a story like this comes out. Gonna be hard to live that one down.

  2. Not sure if this will make him a hero or a pariah down at the county jail.


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