Friday, May 11, 2012

Are You An IACA Member?

I have a question to ask you; are you in law enforcement? If so, are you a member of the International Association of Crime Analysts? There are plenty of good reasons to become a member of IACA.

The International Association of Crime Analysts was formed in 1990 to help crime analysts around the world improve their skills and make valuable contacts, to help law enforcement agencies make the best use of crime analysis, and to advocate for standards of performance and technique within the profession itself. We accomplish these goals through training, networking, and publications.

The IACA membership rolls have crime analysts, police officers, intelligence analysts, criminologists, and students interested in the field. IACA membership comes with a number of benefits such as training, conferences and certification. One resource I use daily is the IACA member mailing list.

The IACA mailing list is a valuable resource for those in the field. There are daily conversations with analysts from around the world sharing their expertise in crime analysis and problem solving. The times I've posted a question to the list, I've gotten numerous replies from analysts with valuable advice or tips within an hour or so of my post.

Dues for IACA are only $25 per year with discounts for members from developing countries or members of other regional crime analyst associations. Visit the IACA membership FAQ for more details.

What's stopping you from becoming an IACA member?

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