Thursday, April 12, 2012

Police Undercover Operation Goes Awry When Crook Tries To Burgle Police Vehicle

There was a story over at the Internet news outlet Branford Patch that demonstrated that things don't always go as planned during undercover operations. 
Branford Police knew exactly what they were doing when they recently parked a “target car” in the parking lot of the USS Chowder Pot III and left a GPS system in plain view in the front of the vehicle. What they didn’t expect was the perpetrator to approach their unmarked police SUV and look to loot goods from it instead.

Police Captain Geoffrey Morgan said a suspect approached the unmarked police SUV and flashed his flashlight in the vehicle looking at an empty iPad dock in the front compartment. The “target car” waiting for the suspect was never approached.

As soon as the waiting police officer noticed the door handle of the SUV shake, he leapt from his surveillance area in the back of the vehicle and went after the male perpetrator who had fled, police reported.
The undercover operation was planned based on information from a Branford, CT Police crime analyst who analyzed previous crime data to come up with a prediction of where the their crook was likely to strike. What they couldn't predict was that the crook would miss the bait car and try to burglarize a police vehicle during the operation. At least they identified their errant crook and plan on charging him.

I guess this is a good lesson to always allow for the unexpected.

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