Monday, April 30, 2012

Green Bay Police Embrace District Policing

The Green Bay Press Gazette had a story on Green Bay, Wisconsin Police moving to a district policing concept to better engage their community in policing efforts.

The district-policing approach is designed to allow officers to routinely patrol the same neighborhoods to better identify trends and nuisances.

Officers also meet regularly with the department's crime analyst so they can predict issues and be proactive when it comes to crime trends.

Before district policing, "we called upon the crime analyst when we saw a problem erupting," Runge said. "Now what we're asking the crime analyst to do for us is to make projections for the future based on historical data."

One thing I've noticed is that so many programs for more effective policing have at their heart, old fashioned community policing concepts. Continuity in the areas officers patrol and work is an important part of a community policing effort. This allows officers to better understand the neighborhoods where they work and the crime problems in them. That same continuity also lets the citizens in those neighborhoods an opportunity to develop a working relationship with the officers working in them.

Does your agency work to keep officers working the same parts of town?

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