Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting Analysis Into The Hands Of The Cop On The Beat

The industry publication Government Technology had a piece earlier this week that looked at an effort by Rialto, CA Police to provide their officers with the software tools to analyze crime data themselves without having to rely on the skills of the department's crime analyst.
The Rialto PD’s program incorporates arrest data, incident reports taken by officers and calls for service by citizens. Rialto’s version of CrimeView Dashboard has been tweaked so that officers can view crime data by beat, while others can view a daily recap of activity of date and shift. Users can also look generally at crime trends on a city level.

Jennifer Krutak, crime analyst supervisor with the Rialto Police Department, said the program, at a minimum, will be used during the department’s daily briefings at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. As officers assemble, a whiteboard will be used to display the analytics, which can then be used to plan out priorities for that particular shift. The system refreshes an hour before each briefing, so information will be presented in almost real time.
More and more we're seeing agencies using tools like this that allows for officers to conduct their own crime analysis without having to wait for an analytical product to be distributed by their agency's crime analysis unit. At the sleepy little 'burg where I work, we provide access to similar tools to detectives, officers and their supervisors.

If your crime analysis unit is like mine, you are not lacking things to do. Giving your officers the tools and training to conduct some of their own analysis can take some of the load off your unit while still getting this important information to your officers in the field.

What are you doing at your agency to make analysis available to those who need it?


  1. Sounds interesting Scott, I will talk to Rialto Cops next month in the I.E. and ask them what they think? Keep up the great work on your Blog!

  2. Tecolote, Thanks for the kind words!


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