Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not Every Fallen Hero Stays Down

This is a great story. The Baltimore Sun had a piece about a Baltimore cop, Gene Cassidy who took two bullets to the head that left him unable to taste, smell and blinded. Gene overcame this adversity to become a fixture in their police academy teaching rookie police officers for over twenty years. Now Gene is facing another battle, one with hepatitis that has ruined his liver and left him in need of a liver transplant.

He is now 51 years old, retired as a sworn officer but still teaching at the academy. That's more than two decades of cadet classes, each and every member of which bears the stamp of Gene Cassidy. He taught them law; the vagaries of probable cause, the way it works on the street. And he taught them something more. For them, he's a talisman, an argument — walking, talking, living proof that what they do every day matters, that they are beholden to each other, that what they are asked to do and expected to do carries with it a fixed and constant risk.

The piece is long but very worth the read. Hit the link to read it.

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