Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Minor Change Or Two Here At The Crime Analyst's Blog

I've always been told by PR people that Mondays and Tuesdays are usually slow news days. My RSS feed can attest to that. Since it seems there is a dearth of crime news to write about, I'd like to talk about a minor change to both The Crime Analyst's Blog and my Twitter feed.

I've added an "Odds And Ends" page here that pulls content from a Storify story where I have been curating tweets, posts and other tidbits on crime and law enforcement that I found interesting. I had tried using another service to automatically curate my Twitter feed and lists but didn't like the fact that it was an all or nothing deal. There was no way to selectively curate these items.

Then I found Storify. This service allows you to selectively post tweets, news stories, etc. and even comment on them. This is a lot more to my liking for social media curation. You can even embed your Storify story in a web page or blog. Which brings it back around to the new Odds And Ends page.

If you follow me on Twitter you've probably seen me post quite a number of tweets on crime and law enforcement stuff I have found interesting. This has made for quite a busy Twitter stream. By curating this content to Storify instead of tweeting it I hope to make my Twitter feed a little more useful and not quite as noisy.

If you are interested in Storify and learning more about curating social media content tech pundit Robert Scoble interviewed the founders of Storify in this video.

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