Thursday, March 29, 2012

Convenience Store Robberies A Difficult Problem

There was a story in one of our local news outlets about what appears to be a series of robberies at a restaurant and a couple of convenience stores recently. This brings up the thorny problem of responding to these types of crimes.

Many times, a bandit will be successful in knocking over a convenience store and then become emboldened by his success and begin a series of these crimes until he is caught. While the dollar value lost due to these robbers is often low, they nearly always make the local news and occasionally turn deadly.

There's a POP Guide for responding to Robbery of Convenience Stores over at the Problem Oriented Policing Center that covers this crime.

Convenience store robberies account for approximately 6 percent of all robberies known to the police. Although this comprises a relatively small percentage of total robberies, the problem is persistent. Over the last 30 years, there has been little change in the proportion of convenience store robberies. Nevertheless, convenience stores in particular locations can be vulnerable to repeat victimization, especially those types of retailers that have large amounts of cash, low security, and few staff and customers likely to resist.

This POP Guide has a great section on Specific Responses To Reduce Convenience Store Robbery that covers effective strategies to reduce these types of crimes, many of which are environmental changes by the store operators that can reduce the likelihood the business will be robbed.

What is your agency doing to combat robberies of convenience stores? Have you had success in convincing store operators to change their practices to make these types of crimes less likely?

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