Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wichita Police Use Crime Analysts To Spot Crime Trends Quickly

There was a story over at the Wichita Eagle this weekend that looked at how Wichita, Kansas Police are using crime analysis to help get crime information to their officers. From the piece:

For years, police used the “interwatch” system to share information between shifts. But not all crimes, such as burglaries, made it onto the interwatch reports.

Thanks to computers in patrol cars and electronic data collection and storage, he said, beat officers can now download information about cases they’re working. That information can be posted to electronic “intelligence hubs,” which officers on other shifts can check.

When officers filled out reports on paper and the files were then moved up to investigations, it might take a couple of weeks for trends to emerge. Now, Nolte said, those trends can be spotted within a few days — sometimes even sooner.

Now Wichita Police crime analysts get crime information distributed quickly which helps WPD officers focus their efforts and get on top of crime trends quickly. The technology available to police agencies has improved considerably over the 21 years I have been in law enforcement. It's now possible to spot crime trends quickly and distribute analytical products nearly instantaneously.

What is your agency doing to identify crime trends quickly? If you do identify them, how quickly are you distributing this information within your agency?

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