Friday, February 10, 2012

There Are Some Awfully Scary People Out There

The Los Angeles Times had a great story yesterday that looked at the investigation behind the bombing attempt of a Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade in Spokane, Washington. It also looked at the resurgence of white supremacist activity in the Pacific Northwest.
Harpham "was what we feared most, the prototypical lone wolf extremist who didn't foreshadow the event in any way," the FBI's lead agent in Spokane, Frank Harrill, said in an interview. "There had been nothing that would signal that he would conduct some vicious attempt like this." 
The rush to identify a suspect — complete with an elaborate arrest plan involving a SWAT team disguised as road workers — reflected the fear that whoever was responsible might detonate a bomb somewhere else. 
"We all felt, although the timeline was uncertain, that this could be a race against a second device in some venue somewhere ... so it was all hands on deck," Harrill said. "One of the big concerns was that the geographic origin of the perpetrator was unknown.... We didn't even know if it was an individual" or a group.
The whole piece is a great read. It also brings up the threat that these types of loner's with a grudge pose to our communities.

What is your agency doing to be able to respond to these kinds of incidents?

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