Thursday, February 2, 2012

RAIDS Online Releases iOS App For Crime Maps

A little over a week ago, my agency announced that we were pushing crime data reported to our agency out to a publicly available crime mapping service, RAIDS Online. When we did this, I posted this piece on Why Public Crime Mapping Is Important. Yesterday things got even cooler with the release of the RAIDS Online Mobile application for Apple's iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPod.

The release of this application really broadens the reach of our crime maps. Given that so many people access the Internet via devices like the iPhone or iPad, I believe this is a very good thing. Generally, a native application works better at accessing these services than using the device's web browser.

I have installed it on both my iPhone 4 and my original iPad. The application is snappy and easy to use. Most of the features of the RAIDS Online website are also available on the iOS app. You can view crimes on a map or in a grid. You can also add a density layer, pick specific crime types and date ranges. You can even sign up for a geographic crime alert that will send you an email when a specific crime is reported within a specified range of a location you provide.

The only feature not available is the Analytics page that has the graphs. Most people may not even miss that as they probably just want to see crimes on the map. It's likely only a crime analyst that would miss the pie & bar charts as well as a temporal topology.

Both RAIDS Online and the RAIDS Online Mobile application were developed by Bair Analytics. At the agency where I work, we are also using their law enforcement only web based crime mapping solution ATACRAIDS as well as their desktop crime analysis software ATAC Workstation. All these products work well together and give me and my agency a full set of very capable crime analysis tools.

You can download the RAIDS Online Mobile application from Apple's iTunes AppStore at this link.


  1. Will you be offering an App "for the rest of us" I.E. Android? (about 4 times the iOS market share last time I checked.)

  2. The information I got from Bair Analystics indicates they are working on an Android version. They didn't give me a release date but as soon as I hear something I'll get the information out.


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