Thursday, February 23, 2012

How Fast Can Your Crime Analyst Analyze Crime Trends?

The Contra Costa Times had an interesting article on the Los Angeles Police Department's efforts to clean up a portion of the Devonshire Division. The area they are working on has had problems with drugs, prostitution and street crimes. The goal of their efforts is to measurably reduce crime in this area. 
The strategy also relies on quicker analysis of crime data to spot trends immediately. Officers review reports on a daily basis to spot problem areas and dispatch specialized units such as vice, narcotics and gang enforcement, rather than wait what for could be a week's lag involved in the department's normal crime analysis.
Any intelligence gathered from community tips or by detectives working on crimes is shared with all units. 
The specialized units supplement the normal patrols in the area and can be shifted to target sites of increased crime activity. 
"We try to deploy into the areas with most impact with the minimal number of officers," said Sgt. Jose Torres. "With limited resources, we want to reallocate them with specific missions so there's a higher probability of coming across a crime."
This brings up an interesting question; how fast can your agency's crime analysis unit analyze your agency's crime data? In order to be most effective, your unit has to deliver the results of your analysis fast enough for your department's decision makers to act on it. If you aren't able to get this analysis out fast enough the crime trend you are combating might have changed enough to make your efforts less effective.

What is keeping you from a quick turnaround on tactical crime analysis products? Can you remove these impediments to improve your turnaround time?

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