Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chicago Police Program Might Produce Novelists From Cops

In my years in law enforcement, I've seen departments teach reporting writing to their officers but never this: There was a piece over at the New York Times that covered a training seminar at Chicago PD that brought in novelists to teach officers how to write more than just police reports.
“Every policeman has said more than once, ‘We have got to write a book,’ ” said Sgt. Cynthia Schumann, a 26-year Chicago police veteran who said she had been jotting down her own notes, just words and bits and thoughts, for years. “People would not believe — you can’t make it up — what we’ve seen. It could be something very humorous, or it could be something very devastating and tragic.”
Sgt. Schumann's sentiment really is true. There is so much that cops see on the job that would make a great book or screen play. There have been quite a number cops who have made the jump to novelist over the years.  LAPD cop turned writer Joseph Wambaugh probably did more to spark my interest in becoming a cop than anyone or anything else.

Even yours truly has a couple of half finished manuscripts in my computer. Now if I can just find the time to finish them.

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